I am Diamond by Alma Latvytė

Exclusivity is an integral part of all the jewelry offered by I am Diamond, on some special occasions in life we want the most profound, unique and unpredictable creations that express our desires. In such cases, we produce unforgettable jewelry according to individual orders – after listening to your wishes, expectations and dreams, we begin the process of careful selection of gems and communicate with the best and most deserving Jewelers of European countries and Israel.

I am Diamond by Alma Latvytė

When you are seeking a truly original and elegant piece of jewelry, whether a ring, brooch, necklace or statement piece with the diamonds, gems or pearls, you want something that will stand the test of time. To find that something extraordinary, a whirl @iamdiamond_jewelry will be a choice. The world’s most prestigious jewelry designers and houses, who draw from hundreds of years of expertise and know-how to create truly unforgettable piece. What appeals to people is that we offer different type of service, we take our customers on the journey of stones, gems and high-end jewels with our souls.

We want the customers to have the real experience with the stones, for them to feel completely free connecting with it’s sparkle, colors, luster, and to be focused what’s coming to them. Here is how we define fine jewelry: its synchronized and accentuated movement and interplay with the colors. High- end jewels are about being unique and originally innovative master goldsmith techniques, that are refined through the elegance of contemporary beauty, which will be telling us the story of endless love affair.

I am Diamond by Alma Latvytė
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